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Have Your Heating Oil Delivered at a Schedule that Best Suits You

Let Bouchard Fuels Inc. in Plantsville, Connecticut, provide quality fuel oil for your home's heating devices. We offer you a year-long budget plan so you can pay for our fuel in manageable installments. You can also choose how and when you want your fuel products to be delivered to you.
If you are out of oil and need an emergency delivery, please contact us right away at 860-621-7489 and follow the prompts to dispatch a driver.

If you have oil and there’s still no heat, try running through our No Heat Checklist:

1. Check your thermostat to make sure it’s set high enough to call for heat.
2. Locate the emergency shutoff switch, usually located near the basement steps or next to your heating system. Make sure the switch is in the "ON" position.
3. Sometimes a simple system reset is all that’s needed. Locate your heating system’s burner and press the red reset button ONCE (and only ONCE) and listen for the system to start up.

4. Check for any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers in your electrical supply panel. A breaker switch can be tripped if it is moved slightly from the ON position.

Remember, you can call us anytime day or night if you have an emergency at 860-621-7489.

Budget Plan

We establish a monthly budgeted amount for you to pay for your heating costs. This plan spreads equal payments across 12 months. Since your heating bill is in equal monthly installments, you do not have to worry about suddenly encountering large delivery costs at any given time.

Automatic Delivery

Our automatic delivery service takes the guesswork out of determining when your heating system's fuel tank is running low. Using state-of-the-art computer technology, we automatically calculate your oil usage. This technology uses actual outdoor temperature during a particular day to determine the rate of your fuel consumption per "degree day." Once your tank is about to go empty, our computerized delivery scheduling immediately takes over.

"Will Call" Option

Another delivery option you can choose is our "Will Call" method. Here, you control when your delivery takes place. All you have to do is call our office before your fuel tank is lower than 1/4 full. This notification allows us enough time to complete our delivery before you actually run out of heating oil.

Fuel Tank

Benefits of Automatic Delivery

Your delivery schedule will be prioritized, especially during the cold season, if you sign up to our automatic delivery service. In case you run out of fuel before you receive your requested supply, your order will be placed at the top of our delivery schedule. In addition, your system will be restarted for free once the delivery is completed. You also get great savings from this service because most automatic deliveries carry less than 170 gallons of fuel. The price for oil is determined by the current market rate.