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Quality Propane Gas for Your Home Heating Systems

Trust in Bouchard Fuels Inc. in Plantsville, Connecticut, to promptly supply the necessary fuel for your propane heating appliances. In the event of a gas leak, turn off your fuel tank's shutoff valve and contact us immediately. Our emergency services will handle the issue for you. Because we have 43 years of experience in this industry, you can expect that we have the proper skills and know-how to take care of this and other critical fuel-related situations.

Propane Delivery Features

Our propane supply services use the same budget plan system, as well as automatic and "Will Call" delivery options applicable to our heating oil products. The only difference lies in the conditions for our "Will Call" delivery option. You should call us before your tank gauge reads lower than 30%.

When You Suspect a Gas Leak

If you smell gas or suspect a leak before or after our delivery, turn off all the gas at the tank and open the area to fresh air. Do not do anything that could make a spark. Call us immediately.

When You Run Out of Gas

There is no need to panic or worry if you do run out of gas. To effectively solve this problem, please follow these steps:

1. Turn off all control valves on all gas appliances.


2. Turn off the shutoff valve on the propane tank. The shutoff valve is located under the lid of your tank.

3. Call your propane supplier to arrange for delivery and advise them you are out of gas.

4. Don't turn the gas back on yourself. Let your service technician do it. When you schedule your fill, be sure it is set up for a time when you will be at home so we can relight and check your appliances and system to assure they are operating properly and there are no leaks. A customer or their representative must be present when the tank is filled.

5. Immediately after your tank is refilled, have your service technician check to see that all safety controls are functioning properly and the piping system is leak-free. Additional leak and pressure check charge is $40, due upon arrival.

6. A customer or their representative must sign leak check documentation to be kept and filed at Bouchard Fuels, Inc.

7. All additional delivery fees, leak and pressure check fee, and actual charge for gallons delivered are cash on delivery (COD).